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Charity Work

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Birch Tree Care work very closely with the Pilgrims Hospices, they do an amazing job and the praise they deserve is unbelievable. Birch Tree Care donated the time and effort of felling a Christmas Tree, transporting it to their ground and then replanting it, this was all done completely free of charge. We also took part in a charity 4X4 event with all proceeds going to the Pilgrims Hospice in the end raising over £2200 !!



Here at Birch Tree Care we strive to try and make the environment a better place, by us trying to give a little something back to the community and the environment we feel like we are doing our part. All woodchopping's are given away completely free of charge, we regularly give them to people who use it for their gardens, people who keep horses and chickens and also give it away to the Pilgrims Hospice which they spread on their gardens.

All large wood goes to a chainsaw carver, he then proceeds to make amazing and very skilled sculptures out of large pieces of wood, these may include decorative garden forks, Eagles, Owls, Mushrooms and many more, if you would like to see more of what he does please head over to his website

Everything smaller is either left for the customer to burn for firewood through the winter, or taken to one of our customers who have previously requested wood.

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