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Birch Tree Care's Landscaping Team 

Birch Tree Care now has its very own specialist landscaping team. We offer a wide range of services from erecting garden fences, to complete design and build. Our team are extremely knowledgeable and when working together with our customers we can come up with some fantastic gardens for a great price! 
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Fencing and decking​

Do you need a fence as a decorative element in your garden or for added security? Whatever the reasons may be, we have the right fencing solution for you. All our fences are sourced from local companies which are all pressure treated for long lasting effects.
Looking to add decking to your property?
Before providing any decking service, we'll pay a visit to your property to get the measurements and advise you on the best type of decking to buy. We offer our services to both domestic and commercial customers.

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Turfing, Patios and Garden Design​

Laying turf is a very cost effective way to cover a large area of garden, and when done properly can give stunning results, at Birch Tree Care wonly use top quality turf, which is cut fresh to order, This means that the turf is very fresh and when laid gives an immediate stunning effect


We source, supply, and lay beautiful Patios for residential and commercial clients, laying a patio in your garden can be an attractive way to extend your home in your private outdoor space.

Take a look at the pictures below to see some of the recent landscaping jobs our team has completed!

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